Towards the end

This is the last week of my  EDUC6157 class. I have learned a lot, and gain a lot of information from taken this class. I learned about different cultures and models in higher education. I learned the difference between tangible culture and virtual culture. I also  learned the difference between political model and anarchical model. This class has open my eyes to new ideas and new culture that I never heard of or thought about before. In this class I was able to experience my thoughts and get my peers opinion. I enjoyed this class and discussion we had.

Walking away

Ever felt like your hard work was all for nothing. This is the kind of week I had. I just wish we had more time or more reasonable people in the world. I know everyone is not kind or patient, but what about being respectful and honest. Food for thought stop taking people’s kindness as weakness. Just a rough week.


Why do we procrastinate when we have so much to do?  Procrastination is one of the biggest challenges that college students, staff and even faculty members serve from… How can we kick procrastination in the butt?

Birnbaum’s four models of organizational behavior

This week we learned about four models of organizational behavior they are collegial, political, bureaucratic, and anarchical. After viewing my peers post I notice that many of us agree that institutions are more collegial model than any other model. But I am unclear to why that is. Collegial model is more about equality, fairness, and having a supportive unit, but I only think this is possible if you are in a familiar environment. Like one of my classmates mention, what happened if you are place in unfamiliar environment will collegial model work then?

Thank you for reading.